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We know they're beautiful. Intelligent. Perceptive. Strong.

But what do we really know about these mysterious creatures? They have worked with humanity for a hundred years to help us repair the damage we've done to ourselves, and our planet, that's absolutely true. Every Honor who has returned from their year's-long Tour has given our world government access to new biotechnology to help our people live safer, longer, and healthier. To build our cities in new and sustainable ways. To clean our air, water, and land. To bring back our biodiversity.


By 2030, most of our forests had been destroyed by toxins, logging, and clear cutting.

Those are all great and positive things. But ... what do we really know? Every interaction that occurs between humans and Leviathan is handled at a very high level. Records are kept carefully curated. Media interactions are controlled. Officially, our alien friends are completely beneficial to us, and the information we share with them allows them to learn, grow, and adapt to a dangerous universe.

But do we truly understand this partnership? Some believe there is more to know, and some of it might be ... dangerous.

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